Types of dental implant procedures


Dental implants are performed when a person loses a single tooth or multiple teeth due to periodontal disease or an injury. These are prosthetic teeth roots placed onto or into the jawbone for the roots to properly hold a bridge or replacement tooth.

Here are six common types of dental implant procedures that are performed as per the patient’s specific needs.

Single tooth implant
This is the basic procedure of dental implant wherein only a single tooth is replaced. A single tooth implant procedure uses one abutment, implant, and crown.

Temporary bridgework
Temporary bridgework procedure uses microbridges and implants, which are placed on top of the permanent dental implants until these are healing. After the permanent ones get healed, the microbridges and implants are taken off and the rest of the procedure is completed on the permanent implants. This dental implant procedure helps in ensuring that the patient has a fully functioning mouth and a perfect smile.

Multiple teeth implants
This procedure is useful for people who have multiple teeth missing or falling. Multiple teeth implants are perfect for those who have a failing bridge, do not have the required teeth for supporting a bridge, do not like wearing a denture, or do not want their teeth to get damaged by a bridge.

Full teeth replacement
This procedure is required in cases where patients lose all their teeth. Full dental implants or implant-supported bridges are used here.

Sinus augmentation
Whenever there is trouble implanting bridges or dentures, sinus augmentation procedure is used. It is performed on the back of the upper jaw, which is considered to be the most difficult part for a dental implant procedure. In sinus augmentation, the developing bone and the sinus floor are raised in order to perfectly secure the dental implants.

Ridge modification
Some patients might have defects in their jawbone. An inadequate bone lifts away the gum from the ridge, which exposes the deformity. Ridge modification procedure is a bone grafting technique wherein the defects are corrected by re-growing a damaged jawbone so that a dental implant can be easily performed.