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3 different kinds of pool solar covers


Conservation of water is essential, especially in homes where there are swimming pools. An effective method of exercising this type of saving is through pool covers. They not only minimize the evaporation levels but also increase the heat, causing pool owners to save up on utility expenses. Listed below are different kinds of pool solar covers:

  • Bubble pool solar cover
    These pool solar covers comprise thermal bubbles which trap heat. The requirement of refilling the pool is moderated due to these covers. They significantly warm up the pool, thereby allowing people to swim during colder seasons. They are available for both, inground and above-ground pools. These bubble covers are shielded from UV rays to maximize their potential.
  • Sun rings pool solar cover
    This type of pool cover is light and minimizes pool evaporation. The best part is its ring shape that lets the customer buy the precise sizes for their pool. Evaporation is highly reduced with the help of these pool covers, and are suitable for all kinds of pools. Joined with magnets and having a dual vinyl layer, these pool covers can be stored easily and used effortlessly.
  • Liquid pool solar cover
    A pool solar cover of the liquid kind is incredibly unique because it cannot be seen when used in the pool. Evaporation is diminished to almost 40%. Using this liquid pool solar cover gives you an unparalleled convenience as the trouble of having to adjust the pool solar cover vanishes completely. Another factor that works in favor of these is that they can be used for pools of all sorts.

With pool solar covers you can make judicious use of your swimming pool while enjoying the sunny days.