3 ideas to style your clothing racks


Clothing racks are for organizing clothes and accessories and keeping them uncluttered. But have you considered styling your clothing racks and giving them a chic twist? Now you can keep your attire organized and add a little creativity to make the clothing rack look stylish.

Here are three ideas to style your clothing rack and make it one of the most attractive features of your room.

Opt for metallic hangers
When you have an open and a tiny closet, hanging the clothes would be the basic idea. But how about making use of the hanging rod and some metallic hangers to flaunt your clothes and accessories? The metallic hangers help in keeping your clothes organized and handy as well as offer a visual treat. You can get the metallic hangers from any popular online retail store and give your clothing rack a metallic makeover.

Display your shoes on clothing racks
If you’re obsessed with shoes, then why not store them in your clothing racks? One of the other popular and stylish ways to highlight your clothing rack is by displaying your shoes on them. Get a metal-gridded rack and display your shoes on it. Whether you want to keep the clothing rack leaned against the wall in your doorway or in your bedroom, make sure there is ample light on it, which highlights every footwear piece. Have a party to attend or a casual day out with friends, grab your shoes from the rack and you’re ready to go!

String a light on your clothing rack
In case you run out of space to keep your favorite lampshade, one of the best ideas is to use it to style your clothing rack. Get a pendant light and string it on your clothing rack along with your favorite clothes and accessories. By doing so, you not only make some space for a light lamp but also add some stylish look to your clothing rack.

So, if you’re fond of clothing racks and don’t want them to be a dull piece of furniture in your room, give them a stylish twist with some add-ons. Keep these three tips handy and style your clothing racks today.