3 vital tips for email marketing in 2018


It is often observed that new marketing strategies fizzle out sooner than the time it takes to create them. Similarly, email marketing strategies that probably worked in the previous years may not be effective in the present year. Consumer behavior keeps on changing. What stays constant is the consumers’ need to be engaged in a brand and its products. To help marketers and content strategists create more engaging content for their email marketing, here are a few trends of 2018 that have been found to generate excitement and curiosity in the domain of marketing.

Create content that sticks
“Sticky” content is the latest buzzword in the email marketing domain. Sticky content simply means content that sticks. Email marketing strategies should now include sending emails to consumers that goes beyond talking about a brand’s promotions, offers, and information about product releases. Sticky content includes information that consumers relate to and that resonates with their lifestyle and the brand value of the organization. This type of content includes recipes, gift ideas, tips, how-to guides, and more which a consumer will find useful and engaging. Such sticky content also helps in stemming the trend of passive opt-outs or unsubscribing.

Use automated applications
Nowadays, a number of email marketing automated applications are driven by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI technology actively gathers data and analyzes consumer behavior. Using this analysis, automated applications let marketers and content strategists evaluate their target audience. This helps in creating tailor-made content for different demographics and consumer segments. For example, automated plug-and-play applications, such as Optimail, help in creating email campaigns through a process of adaptive personalization. These applications provide a personalized and humane experience to consumers, which helps in creating a better connection of the consumer with the brand.

Make emails interactive
Kinetic email is one of the latest trends in the domain of email marketing. Kinetic emails have the look-and-feel of websites with a number of features that make them interactive. Hover buttons, image carousels, and add to order carts are some of the notable features that make kinetic emails interesting. These features make the emails look interactive and increase consumer engagement with the brand. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) like Gmail have started incorporating the functionalities that would be compatible with these interactive emails. Brands like Taco Bell and Burberry have already started sending out kinetic emails to their consumers as a part of their email marketing strategy.