4 amazing tips to look chic while you go green


Today, you will see a shifting fashion trend where some people are ditching the conventional fashion and opting for ethical fashion. Ethical fashion is all about going organic, recycling, and going for brands that make sure that their workers are paid well and are working in a safe environment. You will be surprised to know how rare that is in the fashion world.
Remember, only the brave can turn toward ethical women’s clothing fashion. After all, it isn’t easy to cut loose of the familiar brands that you have been wearing since years and switching toward the organic ones. However, once you take the first step, you will realize how right it feels.
Many fashion enthusiasts have a misconception that ethical women’s clothing fashion is boring; however, this is far from true. Here are some stunning ways in which you can go green yet look chic and dapper:
Buy pieces that promise great longevity
Instead of buying something blingy or dressy statement pieces that you don’t see yourself wearing more than a few times, buy pieces that are classic and can be styled in multiple ways. An amazing ethical fashion campaign that went viral recently called the #30Wears campaign says that before buying any dress, ask yourself if you see yourself wearing the outfit at least 30 times. If the answer is yes then you may go ahead and buy it, if not then you are better off without it.
Educate yourself about fashion
One of the most important things to remember if you plan to go ethical is that you need to be aware of what you wear and the brand that you buy from. Know about the affordable brands that are sustainable and learn more about their manufacturing, outsourcing, and what their brand’s motto.
Don’t shy away from going vintage
If you buy a new piece of clothing then you are adding to the carbon footprint count; however, if you ditch the new outfits and go for something vintage, you’ll be doing the environment a huge favor. Vintage women’s clothing does not require any new energy that otherwise goes in producing new fiber and dyeing and bleaching them.
Consider trans-seasonal dressing
Instead of having a cupboard that is stuffed with clothes that you can only wear for one season, try to invest in trans-seasonal pieces. Trans-seasonal clothes are those pieces that can be styled and worn in almost all seasons. So, the next time you are shopping for summer, instead of shopping for camisoles, go for a thin white shirt that you can later layer up with some knitwear for fall and a warm jumper for the winter.
Some of the ethical fashion brands that you must check out are Everlane, PACT, Thought Clothing, and People tree. So, when are you exploring the world of ethical fashion?