4 easy hacks to choose the right women’s perfume


Perfumes are more than mere fashion additions, they are a reflection of a woman’s personality. The perfume’s fragrance is perceived to be a woman’s definition of herself. You cannot simply walk into the fragrance section of a departmental store and buy the first women’s perfume you see. There is a process you need to follow to choose the right women’s perfume, or it can horribly wrong, and you and the people near you might end up with headaches.

Below are four easy hacks you can follow to find the perfect women’s perfume for yourself:

Follow your gut, eyes, and nose
The cardinal rule of choosing the right women’s perfume is that you trust your gut, eyes, and of course, your nose. Keep your eyes peeled when you enter the fragrance department and look for attractive-looking perfume bottles. Chances are that attractively-bottled perfume will surely smell equally amazing. So, walk toward the aisle and keep looking for unique perfume bottles, and your reaction on smelling the fragrance will be your decision-maker.

Figure out your favorite season and food
It is common knowledge that everything tastes bland when you have a cold. But, how is this connected to choosing the right women’s perfume for yourself? Well, as 80 percent of one’s sense of taste is driven by the sense of smell, whenever you are out looking for the perfect women’s perfume, you will be automatically be drawn to a fragrance that reminds you of a particular time of the year or freshly-baked cinnamon rolls (the emphasis here lies on cinnamon). So, figure out which time of the year (spring for instance) or which place (beach or the forest) you like, and choose the fragrance accordingly.

Check the concentration
Women’s perfumes come in different concentrations, and the higher the concentration, the higher the price of the particular perfume. So, make up your mind regarding whether you need an Eau de toilette or an Eau de parfum as the former is subtle and light, whereas the latter is more concentrated and longlasting.

Understand the notes
Every perfume consists of three different notes: base, top, and middle notes. Each of these notes work in unison to give the perfume its unique fragrance. The top note is the strongest note which you will smell instantly on spraying the perfume, the middle note remains prominent for a few hours, and the base note is the one that lingers throughout the day once the previous two notes have disappeared. So, you need to pay attention to the base notes as those are the ones that will be trailing after you throughout the day.