4 scenic places to look forward to when on a Rhine river cruise


The Rhine river in Germany is one of the most popular destinations for river cruising in Europe. It lets you visit the most beautiful cities of Switzerland, France, Germany, and more. From visiting historic destinations to getting a taste of the best cuisine, it is bound to be make for the most memorable trip. If you’re planning a Rhine river cruise trip, here are some scenic places that you can look forward to.

Cologne – The city of Cologne holds great historic significance as it was almost destroyed during the World War II. The Gothic Dom is a cathedral in Cologne that spells magnificent. The building of the cathedral began in 1248 and it was only completed in 1880. This grand church will indubitably take your breath away as it was the world’s tallest tower during that period with two towers more than 157 meters high.

Rudesheim – The Rhine river cruise will let you experience the great solitude of Rudesheim. If you love a little buzz, the town will give you just that. The place attracts a large number of tourists due to its wine-growing region. You can go on a weinstube drinking session as well as explore the wine museum situated inside a castle.

Winngen – Most Rhine river cruises stop at Winngen, a little town situated on the banks of the Mosel. If you are a wine lover, this place will be one that you will look forward to. There are more than 24 wineries based out of Winnigen alone. Here’s your chance to go on a full day of delicious wine tasting.

Heidelberg – A beautiful town situated on the banks of the Neckar river; this one may not be explored by the major Rhine river cruising companies. However, it is easily within reach through an organized shore excursion. From the mesmerizing architecture to the ruined castle that will leave you spellbound, there is a lot to explore in Heidelberg.