4 things to do on an Antarctica cruise


The beautiful and unique Antarctica is a dream destination that catches the eye of most travelers. From the towering ice-clad mountains, to the mesmerizing wildlife, this spectacular continent is bound to take away your breath. If you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime, taking off on an Antarctica cruise will let you experience just that.

Here are 5 amusing things that you should do when you’re cruising around in Antarctica:

Go swimming
Yes, you can take a small dip in the icy waters when on your cruise ship. However, most ships allow swimming only at the Deception Island due to warmer temperatures from volcanic activity. So, pack your swimsuit on your voyage in case you feel adventurous.

Mail postcards to friends and family
If you are one of those travelers who loves sending post cards home, there are some cruise ships that let you purchase them onboard. All you have to do is choose one and add the date and a message before your postcards are picked from Port Lockroy to be mailed out. While it may take several weeks for them to reach its destination, you friends and family will surely be amazed when they receive postcards from Antarctica.

Watch the penguins
Who does not love penguins? Antarctica lets you view at least three different species of these amazing creatures. You can witness them swimming and interacting with their mates. This is guarenteed to be the highlight of your trip when on an Antarctica cruise.

Witness big and plenty icebergs
Traveling on an Antarctica cruise will let you witness icebergs that are much more magnificent than you can imagine them to be. However, it is best to go earlier on in the seasons so that you can witness larger icebergs.

Brace yourself as you prepare to go on the best adventure of your life on an Antarctica cruise.