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5 popular prepaid plans from Verizon


Prepaid plans are good for saving money, and they also let you skip the contract and credit check. Verizon cell phone plans for prepaid users are divided into two types. The first one is for smartphones which include data, calls, and texts; the other one is for basic phones that do not include data. There is no activation fees, contract, or credit check for these plans.

These are the four Verizon cell phone plans for smartphone users:

  • 2GB at USD 40/month: This plan is perfect for light data users—people who use data occasionally and mostly depend on Wi-Fi. This plan is suitable for using low data consuming apps. This plan is not for the ones who stream videos and music regularly.
  • 5GB at USD 50/month: This is a perfect plan for users who consume data moderately. This plan will allow people to use low data usage apps, browse Facebook, and surf the Internet occasionally. This plan may not be suitable for heavy data users.
  • 10GB at USD 70/month: This is one of the most pop[ular Verizon cell phone plans for users who cannot keep their eyes off their smartphones. It is for the ones who want to keep their social life happening even when they are away from Wi-Fi areas. This plan will allow users to use almost all the social media apps and will also let them stream videos and music occasionally.
  • Unlimited at USD 80/month: The unlimited plan is for people who can spend some extra bucks on their data plans for heavy usages. It is for users who consume Internet continuously and are addicted to video and music streaming. This is by far the best plan for heavy data users. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection at home, then this plan is just for you.

For basic phone users, there’s prepaid plan of unlimited talk time and texts at USD 30/month. This plan is for basic phones that don’t have the function of the Internet. It offers unlimited calls and texts for USD 30 a month. From this list of Verizon cell phone plans, pick the one that’s most suited for you.