5 reasons why you should learn to code


In a world powered by technology, understanding what goes into making this tech can prove quite useful. And it starts with millions of lines of code that form the basic building blocks of the program. But lack of motivation may just be coming in your way of creating the next best thing. So here are five good reasons to learn to code like a pro.

Boosts cognitive function
Coding is a slightly complex process that engages multiple brain areas, controlling different motor, visual, and cognitive responses. Majorly, you engage your left side of the brain, which is the analytical side, to apply logic and problem-solving skills while coding. Even writing a few lines of code will give your left hemisphere a pretty good workout. A small error in a single line of code can render the program function useless. This means you will have to troubleshoot multiple code lines and reprogram it untill it can compile and work. The advantage is coding trains your mind to apply and troubleshoot personal or professional problems with similar efficiency.

Teaches you communication and collaboration
Writing a software program is a collective effort. You will be sharing your workload with other coders and will have to collaborate to compile the millions of lines of instructions. Developing a web program involves a team of engineers, designers, and managers who oversee the entire project. Coding allows you to develop interpersonal communication skills that are an absolute necessity for getting the job done. You will have to communicate at multiple levels of the team’s hierarchy to achieve the desired result. Your manager will communicate client expectations, and a collaborative effort will meet the deliverables. Communication is key, right from conceptualizing a project to running final beta tests on the program compiled.

Turns an idea into a reality
There are times when you have a eureka moment that can potentially become a game-changer in the business and tech world. But lack of programming knowledge and skills can come in the way of a successful business that you can create with coding knowledge. Knowing how the program is developed also allows you to take charge of your work and own every line of code that went into the project development. Having the technical knowledge also lets you redesign and rework multiple aspects of the program to get the desired results. You will be able to turn your passion into a reality and make money off it if the idea is a hit! Either way, coding is a fun hobby to pursue to convert your downtime into something more productive.

Essential for business ventures
If you think you are tech-savvy and possess the skills, interest, and passion for starting your venture, then coding is a must-have skill. Knowledge of coding will allow you to oversee projects being handled by the people you hire for your business venture. Coding will let you create a prototype that others will work on and build for the business while you sit back, delegate, and explore the endless possibilities for your prototype. Coding knowledge will allow you to create an accurate timeline of your project deliverables and give clients a realistic estimate. You can monitor each stage of your application or web program development and ensure that protocols are being followed diligently.

Anyone can code
Today, platforms backed by Google Android provide developer toolkits that allow anyone to compile codes for their program. If you have a basic idea of how the compiled codes work, it is also possible to tweak it and explore multiple versions. You also don’t need specific technical skills as courses include all the basics to teach you coding from scratch. Major universities many free courses to encourage working professionals to take up coding.