5 reliable websites that help you earn online


The digital world has opened up ample opportunities to make money. Gone are the days when people had to knock on doors for employment. Now, all you need is a stable internet connection and basic skills to become a freelancer. Some websites act as platforms for entrepreneurs and freelancers to collaborate at a fair price, making for reliable and valuable sources of alternate (or sole) income or fast money. Plus, you can pick a task according to your convenience and time.
This article lists some of the best websites to make money online, so grab the opportunity if you have the skills and wish to hustle:

This is a popular platform among many freelancers who are skilled writers, data scientists, video editors, or website developers, among others. If you’re sitting idle on the weekend, looking to earn some extra bucks, or if you have recently quit your job, Upwork is a great website that acts as a bridge between businesses and independent professionals or freelancers. Not only can you grow and polish your skills here, but you can also demand a good price if you have what it takes to get a job done. Upwork presently charges a commission on your earnings. There is a 20% commission on the first $500 you earn, 10% on earnings of $500.01-$10,000, and 5% on billings of over $10,000 with your client.

Over a decade ago, Tobi, the founder of Shopify, wanted to sell his company’s snowboards online. He found it extremely difficult to reach his audience due to the lack of a reliable e-commerce platform, and he launched Shopify to meet the needs. The website is a commerce platform where one can set up an online store to sell their products and make money, and it is suitable for businesses of all sizes. So, whether you’re an established jewelry designer or a new entrepreneur who makes customized shoes or t-shirts, or if you just wish to dropship something, Shopify helps you reach your target audience without worrying about shipping. Of course, they charge a commission for the services, with plans starting from $29 a month.

This popular website is one of the best choices if you’re looking to make money online. It is designed for freelancers and small businesses and eliminates middlemen. From logo designing and copywriting to translation, Fiverr is one of the most reliable websites to turn to if you have the skills. All services were priced at $5 when the site was launched, but businesses and freelancers can now decide their prices and even offer package deals. The website works by letting businesses pay in advance for the services they wish to undertake, and freelancers receive 80% of the money after the gig (or order) is completed. The remaining 20% is the commission charged by Fiverr.


This website is a platform that brings together people who need help with everyday tasks and those who have the time and resources to complete them. The tasks can range from yard work, running errands, and delivery to ironing clothes, cleaning a house, or painting. Individuals who execute the task need to undergo verifications, and the portal charges a registration fee in some cities. That said, the taskers get to keep all that they earn, plus tips! This is a reliable website for people looking to get local help and for individuals who have basic skills.

This is one of the leading global platforms that help connect editors, photographers, and designers to business organizations who wish to use images, illustrations, videos, and music for their commercial needs. So, if you are a photographer or artist and have clicked or created an image or video, you can simply upload it to this website by becoming a “contributor.” You will get paid every time someone uses it. The best part is that various people or organizations can download a single photo, so contributors get paid each time without putting in much effort. Shutterstock has an active customer base of about 1.4 million in 150 countries. If you’re an artist, you can also check out other similar websites, like Getty Images and Photoshelter, to make money online.

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