5 tracker apps that help save on airfare


Booking flight tickets can be a competing sport in its own right. The process is a complicated task of monitoring airfares with a dozen airlines and ensuring all the required filters are on. How would you like to be presented with an app that would keep tracking the flight prices for you to grab a suitable deal? If we have your attention, here are the five best airfare tracker apps for your next vacation:

If you are looking for daily updates about airfares and the booking prices of various hotels, Hopper will take the load off of you. All you have to do is enter the destination you are looking forward to traveling to, and the app will keep you abreast with changes in flight prices. It constantly monitors prices even after you have booked your tickets. The app’s color-coding makes it easy to track when the flights are cheaper and when the airfares are at their highest. It also offers guidance on whether or not you should make the bookings now or wait for a better deal. Additionally, you can also spend some deposit money to lock down a price and ensure safety against a possible price hike.

Skyscanner is among the best airfare tracker apps for your next vacation that comes with a user-friendly interface. The app has some additional features like the tool for price prediction. With this tool, you need to enter your destination city and the dates you would like to be flying on. Your search result will then present you with an estimated optimal booking time that can get you cheap flight tickets. On the other hand, the app’s explore option lets you check flight deals according to your departure city. You may or may not select the destination and time of travel. If you choose to leave them blank, the app will provide you with a slew of exciting options from across the globe.

Skiplagged is an efficient and interesting choice for people to keep an eye on airfares while figuring out the details of their next vacation. Users can book flights as well as hotels with this app available for both Android and Apple users. One of the reasons this app is so popular is its ability to give you details about hidden city ticketing, something the airlines and their employees staunchly stand against. This means if you want to go to destination A, and there is a flight going to destination B, with a layover at A. You can skip the second part of the flight and get to your desired destination at a cheaper cost. This is in comparison to a direct flight. However, one drawback of beating the system with hidden city ticketing is that you will have to make do with just carry-on luggage since your extra baggage would still be going all the way to the final destination.

With Momondo, you can choose to enter your intended dates and destination of travel on the app and then go through the search results, or you can simply use the app’s “anywhere search.” The latter allows you to go through the list of options of flights along with their prices and then select your vacation destination based on what suits your budget. The filter options also let you broaden or narrow down your search based on budget, distance, dates, and more to land on the perfect vacation. The tabs on the app also allow you to filter out flights based on what is cheapest, fastest, or the best deal for you. Additionally, you can also book tickets directly on the airlines’ website via the flight and check whether or not your flight is on time. Momondo is available for both Apple as well as Android devices.

Google Flights
While not exactly an application, Google Flights is one of the best airfare tracker apps you can use for your next vacation bookings. You can select to enter your preferred destination and time of travel. Or, if you are more flexible, you can also choose to check airfares within the desired week, month, or even a weekend for the best flight options to go away. Additionally, the option to explore destinations will present you with cities or countries that are cheaper to travel to from your departure location.