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5 types of office desks to choose from


With a plethora of options available, choosing office desks for your workspace can become a daunting task. Many prefer glass-top desks while others prefer wooden or metal framed desks. There are different types of desks available for new age workplaces and small room spaces. The sizes, designs, colors, styles, and utilities—all these aspects are a must to consider before looking for office desks for your workplace. Whatever may be the requirements, there are some popular types of office desks available in the market.

Bali desk
A combination of wood and metal is always a thing to desire. This is one type of office desks that is a combination of different finishings. The top portion of it can be made of leather or lacquer or a combination of these two, whereas the legs of the desk are wooden along with a lacquered finishing; however, this is optional. A Bali desk is simple yet classy and the design is finished with a set of minute details of iron, stainless steel brass, or even black nickel.

Wellington desk
Today’s office desks are simplistic in appearance; however, these are packed with multiple features such as portability and storage options. If you need sufficient storage space to keep your belongings or work-related things, this one is best for you. The functionality approach is much greater in this office desk; it can have up to 12 drawers and the leather top portion.

Paperweight desk
Many people look for functionality, looks, and space-saving options in an office desk. A paperweight desk is a perfect combination of all three aspects. Manufactured with solid American walnut, this leather-top desk with six drawers is an invention of Roberto Lazzaroni.

Reclaimed wooden desk
Reclaimed wooden office desks are both appealing and perfect for durability. You can choose from a ready-made desk or can customize your own from a reclaimed wooden desk. This piece of office desk with a clean and minimal design and a metal frame with a sturdy wooden top is pretty charming in looks.

Compass desk
This space-efficient office desk can be leaned against the wall to save the space in a room. Simple lines with a functional structure along with two removable flaps make up for the functionality and look factor of this desk. Additional benefits are the USB ports.

You can choose from any of these office desks as per your needs.