6 best antivirus software to secure your devices


Be it your mobile, laptop, or computer, every device you own is vulnerable to malware and hijacking. And with countless passwords and sensitive data stored on them, you want to ensure your gadgets are safe. Antivirus software is your best bet against viruses and cyber theft. Besides keeping you safe online, these softwares come with many other valuable features like backup solutions and password protection. Below is a list of the best antivirus applications that offer brilliant digital security. Read on to know their perks and benefits.

Norton 360
Norton 360 is a trusted software with high standards of protection. With features like a smart firewall, cloud backup, and PC SafeCam, it is one of India’s best antivirus software. The secure VPN keeps your data private and shields it from cybertheft. Besides, if you often use net banking to pay for items online, Norton 360 will ensure your transactions are safe. What’s more? The brand promises absolute virus protection and a refund if it fails.

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro
If you’re searching for a robust yet affordable antivirus, look no further. At economical prices, the Quick Heal Antivirus Pro keeps your OS safe from corrupted files and fake websites. Driven by artificial intelligence, it efficiently fends off malware and ransomware. It also comes with a browser sandbox feature that dissolves any faulty files you might have downloaded accidentally. Besides, the software protects your email inbox from harmful attachments and hyperlinks.

Kaspersky Total Security
Kaspersky Total Security offers digital safety for your entire family so that you can set it up across different devices. All members can enjoy webcam protection, password security, and cryptolockers. With several parental controls, the software also makes the OS safe for children. Data sent over the net is encrypted via the VPN for secure browsing and downloading. Also, if you are looking for a fast scanner, Kaspersky Total Security gets the job done quickly with high performance.

AVG Ultimate Multi-Device
This AVG software comes with multiple technologies to give your laptop all-round protection. From its advanced firewall that prevents any breach of sensitive information to its Wi-Fi network security that prevents data stealing, the OS stays secure with AVG. You can extend the antivirus to your mobile phones too and enjoy additional protection. The application’s other notable features like defense against risky web pages, link scanner, and AI-powered malware-protection make it one of the best antivirus software.

NPAV Total Security
Targeted at home users, this software defends computers from threats and suspicious adware. By doing so, it improves internet speed and connectivity significantly. Also, if you’re worried about heavy antivirus applications slowing down the OS, this software works to smoothen and quicken browsing and downloading. With an enhanced firewall, secure data backup, and anti-ransomware, you can rely on the software to provide ample safety to your system. NPAV Total Security is also easy to download. After you make the purchase, the brand will send you a link and a unique activation key.

K7 Total Security
In an age where data security is fundamental, KT Total Security brings you high-quality protection. This award-winning software defends your computer from viruses, hacking, and phishing. By preventing inappropriate ads from popping up on websites, it ensures uninterrupted browsing and makes the internet safer for kids. This software, like the NPAV, also has a reputation for lightning-fast scans. Sounds like an incredible user experience!