6 must-buy beauty products in Indonesia


Local Indonesian skin care and cosmetic brands have grown in popularity in the last two decades. Initially, the wider population trusted only recognized international brands, but the mentality is slowly changing. Local companies have started to gain a foothold, with their products considered on par with overseas players’ offerings. Some of them even make it into our list of the best beauty products to buy in Indonesia right now.

Rouge G De Guerlain The Lipstick

Paris-based Guerlain, founded in 1828, comes with a pedigree. The company, which LVMH owns, is among the oldest cosmetic and skincare brands in the world. This matte-finish lipstick is one of its finer products, which is why it’s also among the bestsellers in Indonesia. You can order from a vast collection of different shades, such as pink and chocolate brown. There are valuable vitamins and antioxidants in it to protect your lips from damage, while the lipstick is also sulfate-free.

U8 Beyond Cleansing Set by Shu Uemura

Tokyo-based Shu Uemura has a presence all over the world, including Indonesia. The brand’s skin care products are high-end and fantastic, with this cleaning set especially famous among Indonesians. The set contains cleansing oil, lotion, cream, and essence. For best results, rub 3-4 pumps of cleansing oil over the face before washing it thoroughly with water. Then apply a small amount of lotion, essence, and cream over your face one after the other.

Bright Stuff Loose Powder

Emina is a local Indonesian cosmetics brand. Based out of Jakarta, the company has a long line of products on offer, including this powder. It is a highly rated product that can increase your complexion multifold. It has micro smooth particles within it, increasing skin brightness and giving it a natural glow. Additionally, the compounds used in the powder are all healthy, so there’s no real risk of skin irritation.

Nutrilash Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum

This serum, rated 5/5 by users, is perfect for those who use eyelash extensions. The benefit of using this serum is that it prevents the shedding of eyelashes and eyebrows, which is common when using extensions. The ingredients used in the product, including almond oil, argan oil, and linoleic acid, are all 100% natural, meaning it is safe for all types of people. Apply it to your eyelashes and eyebrows before using extensions. Ensure, though, that you avoid direct contact with the eyes. Wash it with water in the morning.

Star Lash Aqua Mascara

This mascara is another much-loved product made by Emina. It contains a waterproof formula, which helps protect the eyes and ensures that it doesn’t spread. It also boasts an aqua applicator, which thickens the eyelashes and makes them even more captivating. As far as the mascara’s structure is concerned, the bristles are made in a diagonal circular pattern. There are also a few short fibers on it, which gives the eyelashes a stunning appearance in combination with the bristles pattern.

Cleanser Cream

This cleanser cream, made by Swissvita, contains no alcohol and no harsh chemicals. So people of all skin types can safely use it to improve skin moisturizing and brightening. The cream consists of a gentle formula, both safe and potent against dirt and excess oil. The natural amino acid used in the cream, meanwhile, helps remove dead skin cells.