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Canada’s organic produce and its source


Organic veggies grace the aisles of supermarkets every day. You may have bought these items home and cooked up a good meal too. But have you wondered where the produce comes from? In Canada, organic farms distribute their products to grocery chains and specialty stores across big cities. These farms, usually run by generations of families, are vital to the country’s food-supply chain. To get to know the world of organic farming better, we probed further into Canada’s farm-to-table scene.

What is organic farming in Canada like?

We’re aware that “organic” is used with a lot of care in Canada. But what does this word mean to farming? Organic farming involves using natural processes to grow food and take care of resources. In Canada, soil health is an essential part of the big picture. Farmers ensure that they use green manure and natural pest controls while tending to the soil. They also follow crop rotation and biodiversity. Taking care of livestock is necessary too. Animals are allowed access to clean air and ample sunlight; the bottom line: sustainable and eco-conscious practices!

How to know if the produce is organic?

Check for a certified label. The government regulates products that are labeled as organic. Farmers need to undergo a rigorous process to have their produce go out in the market as organic. National standards should be met, which means farms and their practices are thoroughly inspected. Farms receive certification only if they clear all requirements.

Best organic farms in Canada

Another way to ensure that you buy only the real deal is to purchase from a reputable farm. We searched for good sources of organic produce in the country, and the following are our top picks.

  • Willo’ Wind Farm
    This family farm of 50 acres delivers fresh ingredients to your doorstep. It was established in 1979 in Ontario. Its organic produce includes vegetables, eggs, honey, grass-fed beef, maple syrup, and kombucha. If you want to shop from the farmers personally, they are available at farmer’s markets, including Newmarket, Uxbridge, and Toronto Junction.
  • Our Father’s Farm
    Situated in Dundas, this is another family farm with high-quality produce. They sell items like organic tea, dehydrated kale powder, bitter apricot kernels, and gift baskets approved by the CSA. Customers either shop from their online website or buy on-site. The farm also conducts tours. If you want a first-hand experience of the organic farming process, this may be a good opportunity.
  • Mapleton’s Organic Dairy Farm
    Certified by ECOCERT Canada, Mapleton’s Organic Dairy Farm brings us delicious spoonfuls of frozen yogurts and icecreams. The farm takes up 400 acres of land in the beautiful Wellington County. Head over to the on-site store to purchase the signature dairy products or find delivery options on the farm’s website.
  • Meadow Sweet Farm
    On 65 acres of land, Meadow Sweet Farm farmers grow seasonal vegetables and raise heritage livestock. They sell salad blends featuring the antioxidant-rich bay leaf, arugula, and premium greens. You can also buy certified organic meats from them. Their products are currently available in grocery stores like The Health Butcher, The Big Carrot, and Pusateris.

By going organic, we encourage farms around us to continue enriching the health of the community. We also support them in being mindful of the environment with safe and sustainable practices.