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Check out the best cell phone plans in 2017


Have you ever known one size that fits all? No, of course, there is no such thing especially when it comes to cell phone plans. The same is the case with the best cell phones and plans.

All of us have different requirements and aspirations, and no single cell phone plan serves everyone. Considering this, here is a list of best cell phones’ plans for various groups of people, whether they’re looking for unlimited talking, texting or data, international calling, multiple lines, prepaid plans, etc.

To find the best cell phone plan to buy, you will need to choose, which features are important to have on your cell phone plan. The following checklist can help you narrow down your hunt:

Are you looking for:

  • Unrestricted talk and text
  • Unlimited data
  • Transnational talk, text, and data
  • Prepaid plan
  • Plans for a teenager sister or brother
  • Cheap cell phone plan
  • Plan for hotspots/tethering
  • Several lines for the family
  • Cell phone plan for the elderly

Remember, that mobile carriers are always changing or modifying their cell phone plans or deals. Here is our pick of the five out of the top 10 best cell phone plans you can check out.

  • The Cricket Group Save Plan is the best among the lot. It offers four phone lines with unlimited talk and text with 12 GB data at $100/month.
  • The People’s Operator offers an Unlimited Goodness plan with a one phone line and 1GB data at $21 monthly making it the cheapest for unlimited talking and texting.
  • Sprint offers the plan Unlimited Freedom with one phone line and unlimited data at $50 a month. It is the most affordable plan for unlimited data among other carriers.
  • Mint SIM’s Large 10 GB plan offers a lot of data (10GB) for one line at $20 a month if you decide to buy the plan for three months together.
  • The T-Mobile One plan offers two phone lines with unlimited data for $100 every month. That is an excellent price for two lines with no additional charges.