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Different types of cell phone plans


Unlimited data mobile plans may vary according to the user type, device type, and the location and also according to the dealer or carrier selling them. Each carrier offers different rates and the best cell phone plan deals on other services, like calling and messaging, apart from the cell phone’s unlimited data plans that are increasingly becoming very popular.

It is worth noting that you can shop for cell phone plans at cheap rates, ranging from anywhere between $75 to $95. Also, traditional two-year contract plans have been effectively discontinued by almost all the leading carriers.

Two-year contracts
For example, T-Mobile abolished the two-year contracts and paved the way for other carriers like Verizon and Sprint to follow suit and abolish their two-year contract plans too. AT&T also followed suit soon after the other three players removed their plans. New customers cannot sign up for these plans; only the existing customers can continue using the plans bought earlier. These are being replaced with new, better plans, which may or may not be cheaper.

Fast upgrade plans
Fast-upgrade plans offered by carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile allow the user to pay off phone bills in monthly installments. These are one of the best cell phone service plans. This is made lucrative with the offer of various discounts and the chance to get a new phone if the old handset is returned to the carrier company. To name some of these plans, Sprint calls its plan Easy Pay Early Upgrade, AT&T calls its plan Next, while T-Mobile’s plan is called Jump. Verizon has eliminated its Edge plan and has replaced it with a different device payment plan. When considered over a period of two years, these plans have proved to be the best mobile plans and have helped customers save a significant amount of money as compared to the more traditional subsidized plans.

No-contract with an installment plan
No-contract with an installment plan is more like T-Mobile’s financed phone model that has replaced its contracts and subsidies plans. This is one of the cell phone plans where the user just pays the cost of the phone device in the full retail price along with the monthly bill in installments.