Five tips to get the best value for money out of a bus tour


There are numerous bus tours and services that help you explore the country on the road. Some of these bus tours have their own promos and advertisements to attract customers who wish to see the country on wheels. From tech-friendly services to free drinks, bus tour operators do their best to ensure that you have a good time traveling with them. However, it can get difficult to select the best bus tours as there are numerous factors such as itinerary, services, prices, etc. involved.

Here are five tips to get the best value for money out of a bus tour:

Know about your guide: Tour guides are an important factor while choosing a bus tour. Ask the tour company if their tour guide is salaried or earns through tips and commissions. A salaried guide is usually informative, ensuring to make the traveling experience memorable.

Hidden charges in the itinerary: Make sure that you don’t end up paying apart from what is included in the itinerary. There are budget tours that require you shell out an additional $50 to $100 for selected excursions that are not mentioned in the itinerary.

Deposit charges: Some bus tour operators reserve the right to increase the prices of the package without prior information. Hence, choose a tour operator who guarantees fixed prices.

Check out local eating experiences: To get the best value for money, look for bus tours offering a generous taste of the local cuisine. Avoid tour packages that include elaborate buffets and impersonal restaurants.

Know where your hotel is located: Make sure that your bus tour is accommodating you in reputed hotels in the heart of the city. Such hotels are usually within walking distance of the major sights and local attractions. This lets you explore more of the city, discovering tourist attractions that were not included in the itinerary.

Most of the bus tour operators have websites to help you book a tour with them. Read the customer reviews and compare their prices with other tour operators to get the best out of the lot.