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Important features of Apple watch to know


This is one of the best devices ever by Apple. Apple watch eases the way users do everyday things. Yes, it indeed adds a lot of convenience and ease to your daily life. Want to know some more features of this watch? Keep reading!

Well, it comes with loads of sensors that can help in monitoring the heart rate and other vital things of your body. Even Apple Pay can be set up to make secure payments, i.e., in 1 go. Apart from that, you can receive or send SMS, make phone calls, send doodles or enjoy Siri chat.

Since years, Apple has got a reputation of redefining peoples’ lives with its products. Since it uses a fast operating system, it has become a noteworthy and a user-friendly investment.

  • New apps
    Earlier, apps used to not open, but with OS 2, things have changed. Now, they load quickly and easily, and you can take advantage of sensors, taptic engine, microphone and digital crowns.
  • Personalization
    Personalization has crossed all heights in this watch. You can make new watch faces, and that’s possible through albums or photos. The favorite image can be selected, and it can be set as the default face. You also have the option to set time lapse videos as the watch face.
    Apart from that, you get a lot of options to manage time and express yourself. Well, there are too many choices when it comes to interactions. Multiple Friends Screens can be added, and you can select up to 12 contacts. Friends can be organized into groups also. Payments are made quickly and conveniently. It’s a great thing to be able to make payments from the wrist itself. Reward cards and store credit cards can be linked as well.

    Siri is your best friend in Apple watch. Voice can be used for carrying out different kinds of tasks; it’s more smart and proactive as compared to before. So, you need to get this watch right away if you want to ensure functionality as well as smooth operations. Have you taken the decision yet or still not?