Know more about accelerated nursing programs


Accelerated nursing programs are being developed by universities to meet the ever-growing demand of nurses and medical professionals needed in the nursing and healthcare industry. These nursing programs are offered to students who are non-nursing graduates but want to pursue a career in nursing. Accelerated nursing programs help these graduates to transition into nursing profession with ease and in a short span of time.

What are accelerated nursing programs?
This is the quickest way to make a career as a registered nurse as opposed to traditional nursing programs. Accelerated nursing programs are generally between 11 and 18 months to complete and the master’s degree can take up to 3 years. These nursing programs are available across 46 states in the country with hundreds of programs featured by premier universities and campuses.

Benefits of availing accelerated nursing programs
As mentioned earlier, accelerated nursing programs are offered to graduates who have degrees in other disciples, but are looking for a change. However, it is important to understand the reason behind this prompt career change. Accelerated nursing programs allow people with no prior medical experience to enroll for nursing programs, irrespective of what their major was. People who could not pursue a career in medicine get a second chance through accelerated nursing programs.

Types of accelerated nursing programs
Different nursing programs offered by universities and campuses will accept degree holders who have their bachelors in science or other similar fields. However, this has to be confirmed with the University prior to taking admission.

Accelerated BSN classes
This particular type of nursing program includes classes like nursing profession introduction, maternity and newborn nursing, mental health nursing, pharmacology, health promotion and disease prevention, community health, pathophysiology, nursing research, and health assessment, among other topics and subjects. While the theoretical aspects of nursing are covered through various topics covered, clinical rotations are part of a practical training.

Accelerated nursing programs online
Nursing programs can also be done online by students who wish to pursue accelerated nursing programs but also have other responsibilities to take care of.