Learn all about free grant applications


What are the types of free grants application available?

The American Federal Government through its agencies offers significant financial aid and assistance through the provision of free grants. There is a vast option of grant programs available, mainly through the Federal agencies but also through privately run foundations, corporations and educational institutions that offer support in nearly every imaginable category.

Some of the key areas where free government funding is available include:

  • Small business funding
  • Women owned business funding
  • Home business assistance
  • Minority-owned business funding
  • Start-up business capital
  • Funding for housing
  • Rental housing projects
  • student financial aid
  • grants for university education
  • educational grants for minorities
  • educational grants for single mothers
  • funding for child care
  • medical care

Do I have to pay back a grant that I receive?
No, grants are not like loans. In fact, even your application for a grant is entirely free. Grants are financial aid packages extended by federal agencies or other corporations, educational institutions, foundations and trust as part of the community welfare philanthropic initiatives.

Can I put in a free grant application for a business grant?
Yes, the American government offers considerable financial aid packages and subsidies under the head of its economic development activities. There are a number of partially and fully financing grant options that low-interest loans, venture capital and also for scientific research.

How do I make an application for a free grant?
A wide array of grants and financial aid programs are offered across the USA. To apply for any such free funding, you need to first ensure that you qualify with regard to every one of the eligibility requirements. The official website for grants offers you regularly updated information on what grants are available and how you could apply.

Are there grants to fund housing?
Yes, the federal government offers several financial aid packages in the form of home grants, low-interest long tenure loans, through its Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funding is available both for buying and renting property subject to the fulfillment of necessary criteria.