Optimize your business with automated HR scheduling software


If you run a human resource (HR) and recruitment business, you know that it takes a lot of time and patience to schedule interviews with candidates. A recruitment firm deals with dozens of companies and hundreds of candidates every day. Not only is manual appointment scheduling a time-consuming process, but it is also a procedure that carries the risk of human error. Miscommunication may lead to misunderstandings, resulting in long-term costs for your business.

By switching to an automated HR scheduling software, you can set up a streamlined interview process for your business. This software digitizes the process of creating, modifying, sharing, and managing candidate appointments. Such HR software solutions can be used to automatically schedule appointments. They also play the role of reminder systems by sending out reminders to the concerned parties before the meeting. The software provides a shared interface for the recruitment firm, the candidates, as well as the companies.

Here are three features of automated HR scheduling software:

  • Online appointment booking
    Candidates may book appointments online via the recruiter’s website or email. The software records these appointments and collates them in a central database. This database consists of all relevant information about candidates, clients, and open job positions for which the firm is recruiting. Candidates and clients have 24×7 access to the system, allowing the business to grow even after office hours.
  • Automatic reminder system
    HR scheduling software reduces the probability of no-shows by sending out automated text messages, email, and phone reminders to candidates. This improves the chances of filling the position.
  • Mutually convenient time slots
    An automated interview scheduling software is more effective than manual operation. In a manual scheduling system, recruiting executives have to focus on low-value tasks like phone calls to candidates and clients, email follow-ups, and back and forth communication to find mutually convenient time slots. Automating this process means that the appropriate time is matched by the software after taking into account the client’s and candidate’s preferences.

Assigning such tasks to dedicated software is a smart business decision, because then your HR team may be put to use in other productive areas. So use technology to your advantage and help your business grow.