Richest people in the world and their net worth


According to a story published on Investopedia, there were reportedly 2,095 billionaires around the world in 2020. These billionaires have a total estimated net worth of around $8 trillion! That’s right. That’s a lot of moolah, isn’t it? Well, out of all the billionaires out there, there are five who always seem to hold the news and market with their business dealings and net worth.

  • Jeff Bezos – Net worth approx $179 billion
    In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded an eCommerce company that we now know of as Amazon. It started out in his small garage in Seattle and has expanded globally over the years, becoming one of the largest e-commerce. He is the CEO of the company but will soon be stepping down to become the executive chairman by the end of this year.

    However, Bezos has also faced criticism from the public regarding the exploitative work culture at Amazon and the ill-treatment of workers at the warehouse. Bezos also owns the “Washington Post,” the newspaper, and Blue Origin, an aerospace company that makes rockets for commercial use.

  • Bernard Arnault and family – Net worth approx $161 billion
    Bernard Arnault, a French man, has impeccable taste in luxury goods. He overlooks about 70 luxury brands that include Louis Vuitton and Sephora. He is currently the chairman and CEO of the LVMH empire.
    Bernard, born to an industrial family in Roubaix, France, was always the one to grab a challenging opportunity and excel at it. With an aptitude to understand the future of markets and the consumers, he invested himself in creating world-class luxury products.
  • Elon Musk – Net worth approx $158 billion
    Elon Musk, known for his bold ideas and innovation, hails from the United States. He is known to change the world of technology by miles! With his top-notch innovation like Tesla, Musk has managed to get a massive following of fellow tech geniuses.

    He is also the founder of SpaceX, which is an aerospace company that designs, manufactures, and launches airspace transportation systems. His company is now valued at around $46 billion.

  • Bill Gates – Net worth approx $127 billion
    Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, accumulated most of his wealth by working day and night on building his computer software company. He worked with Paul Allen to create pretty much the only OS known to the world. Microsoft Technology still is a technological giant headquartered in Washington. However, Gates now only owns just over 1% of the shares of the company and now has invested in a mix of stocks and assets.

    In 2000, Gates and his wife Melinda Gates founded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the world’s largest private charitable foundation. The organization works to improve the global health index and also creates equal opportunities for everyone to live a sustainable and healthy life.

  • Mark Zuckerberg – Net worth approx $105 billion
    The founder of Facebook is a well-known name around the world. Zuckerberg had started this platform in 2004 for the students of Harvard to connect with their classmates online. A few years later, it became the first go-to platform for people to connect with each other online.

It was in 2012 that Zuckerberg took the company public, but he still owns about 15% of the stock. The social media platform has been in the news for some time now.