The 6 most powerful characters of the Marvel multiverse


Fans of the Marvel multiverse are often caught in heated discussions about certain powerful heroes in this fictional universe and their strengths and weaknesses. Marvel’s characters are known to have unique abilities or influences over the world that make them powerful and almost invincible. While it wasn’t an easy feat, we have managed to narrow the number down to the 6 most potent Marvel characters of all time.

Known to engage in war with just about anyone in the Marvel multiverse, Thanos is almost invincible. He has returned victorious from deaths numerous times in Marvel’s history and is known for his strengths, speed, and intelligence. While we know that the Infinity Gauntlet gave more power to Thanos than he originally had, even without it, Thanos was able to survive some of the most horrifying attacks and explosions.

Captain Marvel
While the movies have done a decent job at showing us Captain Marvel’s life, you can only really understand the extent of her powers after reading the comics. Her powers are derived from a white hole that enables her to practically bend light if she has half a mind to or even warp the effects of gravity. She can practically absorb any energy without so much as flinching from the impact of it.

Death, portrayed as a female entity, has been in Marvel since the creation of the universe and is said to be an eternal being. Death is supposed to be responsible for Thanos embracing his dark side and plotting a master plan to destroy half of the galaxy’s existing life. She was the one who ultimately convinced Thanos to murder his pirate captain and, later, his daughter. One of the biggest weaknesses of any superhero in the world of Marvel is their mortality. Death is inevitable. With her power to manipulate life and matter in the world, she has virtually no weaknesses whatsoever.

Living Tribunal
The Living Tribunal is a character who can warp realities and play with the infinite possibilities of the world. This character, created by Stan Lee, is almost as old as Death and is the one that Death answers to. He can prevent the Infinity Gems from being used, which is why Thanos prefers not to engage with him in any conflict. While he is unbeatable in terms of his power, he is answerable to One-Above-All, which takes away some brownie points.


One-Above-All, often appearing in comics as Jack Kirby, is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful characters in Marvel. We first came across Kirby in the Doctor Strange comic series. He is said to be placed over The Living Tribunal in terms of the cosmic hierarchy. One-Above-All, known to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, can practically transform itself into any being by using energy and matter from the universe and can go anywhere anytime.

The Beyonder

The Beyonder was first introduced in the Marvel universe in the Secret Wars series and is only ever encountered in that universe. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he is an omnipresent being who can start wars in the world and had also destroyed Death at one point. However, he brought her back later on because a world without death was a chaotic mess. The Beyonder can also manipulate realities and is known to be more powerful than the entire Marvel multiverse combined, which means that he could very well destroy the multiverse if he wishes to.