The best Cyber Monday phone deals for 2019


Cyber Monday phone deals are not to be missed especially when you are keen to get your hands on the latest Samsung, iPhone, Google Pixel, LG models. Cyber Monday sales are simply an extension of the holiday shopping bonanza that starts off with the Black Friday sale. Since the very first Cyber Monday sale in 2005, both small and big retailers have continued the tradition, making it a huge sales event after Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday is also the time to find the best phone deals. While for Black Friday, the focus continues to be on purchases at brick-and-mortar stores, the focus is mainly on online sales for Cyber Monday. For instance, in 2018, Amazon had topped the sales on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday offers deals on a variety of technical products like smart home gadgets, gaming machines and games, TVs and computers, and Cyber Monday mobile deals 2019. So, the focus for shoppers is mainly on electronic items, unlike the Black Friday sale when shoppers tend to buy all sorts of items. In keeping with this spirit, smartphone sales are seen to be the highest on Cyber Monday. So, in 2019 too, you can expect this to be true, particularly when you want to buy unlocked smartphones that are not contract-bound.

While some people are simply looking for an upgrade on the last model, others want to try out the newest gadget on the block. So, big smartphone brands like Google, Apple, and LG are coming out with new smartphone models that are being offered for discounted prices on Cyber Monday.

For those keen to get unlocked smartphones, there are excellent deals being offered for the Apple iPhone 8, LG V35 ThinQ™, Google Pixel 3, and Samsung Galaxy S10e. When you choose a carrier, you may have to select a specific service or exchange an old device for availing the discount.

Galaxy models are almost as costly as top-end iPhone models. But there are discounts for those who are ready to settle for smaller and slightly more affordable models. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is more affordably priced than the regular S10.

For Cyber Monday 2019 phone deals, you can also avail discounts on some popular and high-end Android devices. LG, a well-known maker of Android phones, offers the V35 ThinQ™, a model with many attractive features and available for a reasonable price. Google, the company that provided the Android OS, is also offering the Google Pixel 3 at a highly-affordable price.

Shopping tips for the best Cyber Monday phone 2019 deals:

  • It is best to research extensively on what you need because getting carried away by snazzy deals may be counterproductive. You want to invest in technology that will suit your needs.
  • It is advisable to look for the best prices on products. There is no sense in buying something from one particular store only to realize that another one is selling it for a lower price. To be sure, you can use prize-comparison engines like PriceGrabber or ShopSavvy.
  • You must shop safely as there will be millions logging onto the internet on that day to shop online; so, there can be several threats from scammers. You must only buy from retailers you trust and use a very strong password for all your purchases.
  • You should know what not to buy on Cyber Monday. For instance, the biggest smartphone deals are available on Black Friday, and not on Cyber Monday.