The most affordable used cars in the market 


While buying a car of one’s own often features high on the to-be-achieved list of most people, not everyone can afford to invest in a car that is brand new and in mint condition. Luckily, the used cars segment is thriving well in the USA with many used car dealerships offering buyers good value for money.

When opting for a used car, do take the time to compare statistics that have been compiled and are easily available both online and at all car dealerships with regards to reliability, driving safety and vehicle stability control systems. Here are some of the most affordable used cars currently available in the American market.

Among the most reliable cars in terms of safety, stability, and performance, is the Toyota Corolla. It is a compact sedan, suitable for a small family, and offers fuel economy of 32 miles per gallon in the city and over 43 miles per gallon on the highway. Sufficient leg room and head space make the Toyota Corolla a good pick in the US$ 19,000 to 23,000 price range.

With excellent riding comfort, fuel efficient 192 horse power four-cylinder engines, roomy cabin space and upgraded safety features, Honda’s Accord is a car that can be relied on for a consistent performance in the used cars segment. Newer models also feature a high end in car entertainment system that is supported by Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Depending on the model and the year the Honda Accord is available on the used cars market from prices as low as US$ 8000 up to US$ 16,000 for newer and upgraded models.

In the luxury segment, the best used-car is likely to be the Lexus ES, which has a large number of models available ranging from US$ 7000 to US$ 15,000. The Lexus Hybrid offers greater fuel economy over the earlier models. Reliability is a major plus with regards to Lexus.

These are three of the most popular second-hand cars available for purchase in the used cars market.