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Tips to use patio rugs to make your house look good


A rug or a mat is a covering that partially covers the floor and is constructed using thick woven fabric. It is commonly found outside the main door of the house, in bedrooms, or outside bathrooms. A drawing room or a living room will usually have a carpet, which is a larger version of a rug. Round rugs are placed to separate open spaces inside the house.

Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs or patio rugs, built with polypropylene, are considered to be the best option to decorate the courtyard of a house. A round rug made of bamboo is another common patio rug that gives an earthy appearance to a porch. These are all-weather rugs that are washable and mold resistant. Although a patio rug may also be made from jute, however, it is less durable and will start deteriorating after consistent periods of rain.

Bathroom rugs
These are strategically placed either close to the bathtub or immediately outside the bathroom door. They provide a platform to dry the body and wear clothes after a bath. Also, special kinds of bathroom rugs made of rubber can be used to stand on while taking a shower to prevent a possible fall. A bathroom rug may also check the excessive flow of water onto the tiles.

Kitchen rugs
If you feel like redesigning your kitchen, an interesting alternative is to place a quirky kitchen rug. More often than not, kitchen rugs are used as décor items that add style to an otherwise boring cooking area. It is advisable to put up a washable kitchen rug that is strong enough to handle the kitchen mess.

Floor mats
A floor mat is a rug that is made of tough, coarse material and is used specifically to wipe one’s feet. Floor mats intercept the dirt on the underside of the shoes from entering the house. It may also be used as a layering to protect delicate floors. Also, floor mats can help even out a bumpy surface giving a smoother look at the floor. A floor mat when placed outside in the courtyard eventually serves the purpose of a patio rug.