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Types of audio systems


Audio systems provide an exciting way of entertainment. There are many types of audio systems available online and also in the retails market that would facilitate us to enjoy nice time listening to clear, amplified and controllable music and any other audio file.

Audio systems can be classified into various types such as:

  • Hi-Fi music systems: These systems offer high-quality audio with minimal distortion. These systems allow users to accommodate multiple sources for playing music such as CD and cassette players. Sometimes they are included with wireless capabilities as well.
  • Wireless music systems: These systems use infrared rays instead of wires to transmit signals to speakers. Thus users can accommodate multiple speakers without worrying about the addition of wires. Similarly, these systems can be connected to any device with Bluetooth. While traveling, we can connect our smartphones to speakers available in the vehicle through Bluetooth and can enjoy music that would be played through our mobile and is magnified through speakers in the car or any other vehicle.
  • MP3 docking systems: These serve as docking systems for portable music playing devices such as iPods. They read the music files from portable devices and play subsequent audio through built-in speakers.
  • Home theatre systems: These audio systems are designed to provide comprehensive theatre-like experience. These systems comprise various types of speakers, woofers and provide magnificent amplification and adjustment of audio features. These can turn our homes into classy theatres through their fantastic sound outputs. These systems also support video formats, portable audio devices and can be played connecting to a TV, USB drive, computer and many other electronic devices to have fascinating music experience at homes.
  • CD or radio cassette players: These are popular because of their portability and ability to work on dry batteries. Thus these audio systems can be taken anywhere outdoors. These can be attached to inbuilt mono speakers or stereo speakers and provided with additional controls of sounds such as bass and treble. Usually, they are called ‘two in one’ systems as radio is also a part of these systems. We can listen to various radio stations choosing various bands such FM and MW tuning into various frequencies.