Ways of dealing with chronic dry eye disease


One of the most common eye-related diseases that are prevalent among people worldwide today is chronic dry eye disease. Around five million Americans are ageing 50, and above are estimated to have dry eyes condition. There is no permanent cure for this disease available, but there are ways of dealing with a chronic dry eye in the best way possible, so that its symptoms can be reduced.

Thoroughly understand the disease: In this particular ocular condition, also known as dry eye syndrome, the eyes fail to produce enough tears or maintain the quality of tears for lubricating the eye surface adequately. Doctors consider the advancing of age, constantly wearing contact lenses, environmental factors and other medical conditions as the basic chronic dry eyes causes.

Know the probable symptoms: As a result of this chronic disease, people often experience a burning sensation, and a scratchy feeling in the eyes. The chronic dry eye causes excess watering of the eyes and sometimes blurry visions. When more tears are shed, there could be dryness, redness, and pain in the eye.

Opt for professional diagnosis: The moment one identifies the symptoms of dry, itchy eyes, the next best step for dealing with it will be opting for a comprehensive eye examination under the vigilance of a medical professional. By evaluating the quantity and quality of one’s tear production, observing the blinking patterns, performing cornea and eyelid evaluation, an eye specialist can determine the probable cause behind the disease and offer best treatment suggestions.

Consider the treatment options: There are both medical as well as over-the-counter treatment options available for dealing with the discomfort and pain that chronic dry eye causes. Prescribed eye drops, punctual plugs, artificial tears, ophthalmic inserts and practices like washing the eyelids, or applying warm compresses regularly help in controlling the effects of the disease.

Often referred to as Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, the chronic dry eye needs to be treated the moment its symptoms become visible. Taking care of such eye disease from the very beginning can help in preventing it from deteriorating in further complicated condition while maintaining the good health of one’s eyes.