Work from home job opportunities at Amazon


Amazon is one of the most recognized retail brands across the globe, and an affiliation with a brand as established would be a dream come true for some. If you’re among the said lot, you’d be delighted to know that Amazon offers work from home jobs across the country. This article shares ways to find part-time and full-time work from home jobs at Amazon and lists the types of jobs offered by the brand.

How to find WFH jobs at Amazon?
If you’re actively looking for a job, take a look at Amazon jobs. The portal has a category for virtual positions available at the company—the work from home category. Virtual jobs mean the employee can work from any remote location. And they offer both part-time or full-time jobs. Plus, the job categories are narrowed down to particular fields for prospective employees to choose their field of excellence and browse through business categories like Amazon Web Services, Fulfillment and Operations, and Customer Trust and Partner Support, among many others. You can also check out the portal for work from home opportunities and sign up for job alerts.

Types of WFH jobs at Amazon

  • Customer service
    This role can be handled remotely, but candidates interested in this work from home job at Amazon must have a phone line, a quiet work environment, and high-speed internet. The brand hires remote agents only in certain states, and the positions can be part-time or full-time. Aspirants must have a high school diploma, a minimum of one year of customer service experience, and some work from home experience to be eligible.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
    mTurk refers to a small task site, and this category of jobs involves an employee doing tasks at the site. That means the employee will have to visit the site and take up a task in exchange for payment. While it doesn’t guarantee fixed payment, the job makes for a great side hustle. You don’t need to commit fixed hours and can take up a task when you have some time at hand.
  • People with healthcare experience can apply too!
    Virtual jobs are also available for people who want to take up a job associated with the healthcare industry. Some jobs may need IT knowledge, travel, and consulting experience, and while some positions need an employee to work with a team to craft business solutions for healthcare partners. You can check out the Amazon job portal and find something that matches your field of experience and interest.
  • Seasonal work
    Amazon is one of the largest retail e-commerce websites, so it features more job opportunities around the holiday season. The brand obviously wants their emails answered and customer calls attended, and they also want to have someone replying to the chatbot 24/7 during the peak season. That means many work from home opportunities are up for grabs during this time. These are usually temporary jobs, but if you’re looking to make some extra money over the holidays, go ahead and sign up for one of these part-time jobs at Amazon. Plus, they may offer a permanent spot if you get the drill and do the job well.

Other work from home jobs at Amazon include opportunities with human resources—the company offers remote working for positions like human resources manager, contractor, and investigator. Additionally, Amazon Flex allows you to take up delivering on days you can accommodate the task. It provides tons of other part-time and full-time work from home job opportunities in various categories.

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